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CEO’s statement

2021 was the first year of our five-year strategic expansion period. And it was a year in which we made substantial progress towards our 2025 targets and further raised those targets, while continuing to adjust to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are now in a high growth and high investment phase that will create substantial value, as sales and profits for our 5 Nordic markets continue to grow, and we invest in establishing market-leading positions in 11 international markets. The transformation of NENT Group is accelerating and Viaplay will drive higher sales growth and long-term margins for us.

Our story

NENT Group is the Nordic region’s leading entertainment provider and streaming company, with the broadest and most relevant content offering, excellent content discovery and a stable and scalable technology platform. 

We entertain millions of people every day with our streaming services, TV channels, radio stations and production companies. Viaplay is already a Nordic streaming success story and NENT Group is one of the world’s fastest growing streaming companies. Our ambition is to be the international streaming challenger with at least 12 million subscribers by the end of 2025.

Our Markets

With its origins in the Nordic countries, and a continued mission to develop Nordic storytelling, NENT Group is the leading entertainment company in these markets. The region continues to constitute the home market for the Group. With a combined total population of approximately 27 million people and 12 million households, almost all of which have access to the internet, we are accelerating our growth in the region, in particular through the expansion of the Viaplay streaming service. 

A key success factor for NENT Group has always been to adapt and capitalise on changing consumer behaviours, trends and technical developments. The next steps of the Group’s growth journey continue to be dependent on scalable international expansion. During 2021 Viaplay was successfully launched five new international markets Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the US.

NENT Group has launched Viaplay in the Netherlands since the end of the year and will launch in the UK before the end of 2022, before then introducing Viaplay in Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2023.

Our strategy

NENT Group’s strategy is a sustainable growth and value creation strategy. We laid out a new strategy for Nordic Entertainment Group in November 2020 and then updated the plan in September 2021. It is built around the expansion of the Viaplay streaming service in the 5 Nordic markets, and further into 11 international markets by the end of 2023, in order to deliver on a number of targets by the end of 2025.

The strategy will enable Viaplay to take advantage of the growth in streaming as the preferred means of consuming video content on demand, live and on multiple devices. Streaming was pioneered in the Nordics due to the high levels of broadband penetration and access speeds and is rapidly establishing itself in other markets around the world.

With this report, we are launching our new five-year sustainability strategy, which is an integrated part of our overall business strategy and marks a further step in incorporating sustainability into our everyday operations. The new sustainability strategy and roadmap are aligned with our purpose, vision and values.  

New sustainability strategy

The strategy consists of brave goals across three focus areas: climate change and the environment; diversity and inclusion; and wellbeing and ethics. We have aligned our sustainability goals with 8 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This illustrates how our non-financial goals and targets contribute to developing sustainable solutions to global challenges. This commitment is also reflected in NENT Group being a signatory member of the UN Global Compact. 

Our targets

As a listed company with multiple stakeholder groups, we are committed to sustainable development and the creation of long-term value for all our stakeholders. That is why the Group’s business and sustainability strategies are integrated, and why this report presents both financial and sustainable performance. The Group has both long-term financial performance targets and sustainability goals. 

2025 Financial targets

Non-financial targets

Our approach to sustainability

NENT Group is a value-driven company, which aims to make a positive and sustainable impact on our employees, customers, society, and the environment. The Group operates in a fast-paced industry and rapidly changing industry which creates both challenges and opportunities for our business. We are committed to fundamental sustainability principles, such as the UN Global Compact's principles of responsible business and Women’s Empowerment Principles that guide our work and help us future-proof our business. Our current strategic priorities are presented in our three-year sustainability strategy (2019-2021), which consists of five focus areas.

NENT Group is Nordic in origin, but global in its storytelling, partnerships, and audiences. We develop Nordic storytelling by offering a broad and diverse portfolio of some of the best international content available. We also work closely with local and international talents to produce critically acclaimed scripted drama, comedy series, documentaries, kids’ content, and feature films. In 2021, our Viaplay Originals ‘Thunder in My Heart’, ’Delete Me’ and ’Pørni’ have all won awards at major national and international ceremonies. We also launched the Student Drama Awards, a programme for emerging talents in the creative sector.

It is important for us to reflect the societies within which we live and work so that our stories are engaging and relevant for as many people as possible. This is why we seek to portray a plurality of perspectives and cultures that appeal to a wide audience. The Group's equality, diversity and inclusion efforts focuses on three key areas; producing and promoting diverse content; attracting, exciting, and keeping the right talent, and creating a sense of belonging for everyone. In addition, to working with NENT Group-controlled content and platforms, we aim to raise awareness and create positive change in society through partnerships.

NENT Groups values, Bravery, Equality, Appreciation and Trust, build the foundation of our business. They foster an open, inclusive, and engaging culture that aims to inspire employees, audiences, and create long-term business value. We have made significant steps in 2021 to create an even more inclusive work environment and we will continue this important work, because we know it is key to becoming the international streaming challenger.

We conduct business responsibly and with integrity and expect our suppliers and partners to do the same. Keeping information and data relating to our business, customers, and all stakeholders safe is a top priority for us. We are also committed to protecting our environment by raising awareness, changing behaviour, and taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our business. NENT Group began the journey to Net-Zero in 2020 by committing to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). In 2021, the Group established emission-reduction targets in line with the transformation that is needed to limit warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, as stipulated by the Paris agreement.

To be of great quality, our content must reflect our values and be considered safe and trusted by our audiences. We manage this by focusing on the needs of our audience and continuously improving the user experience. We always seek to comply with the applicable rules and regulations in each of our territories, and our ambition is to constantly eliminate barriers by making more diverse and more accessible content available through subtitling, audio description and signing.


Viaplay is NENT Group’s primary product with over 4 million subscribers, a presence in 10 geographical markets at the end of 2021, and accounting for 35% of group revenues. Viaplay shows a combination of live sports, Hollywood and other studio programming, and its own original content.


A cornerstone of the Viaplay content offering, we have the broadest selection of live sports available. We added a wide range of long-term rights to major sports events across multiple markets in 2021 including key football, ice-hockey, golf and motor-racing rights. We will premier even more hours of live sports coverage in 2022.

Viaplay Originals

We have developed a catalogue of exciting and award winning, Nordic and international scripted drama series, documentaries, comedies, movies, animations and unscripted reality shows over a number of years. 46 Viaplay Originals were premiered in 2021.

Aqcuired content

With a wide range of programming from leading Hollywood, international and local studios - Viaplay is home to exclusive new and established TV series and feature films, as well as a portfolio of high quality kids programmes


Darkness: Those Who Kill

A police investigator and criminal profiler search for links in a series of killings that take place in areas of Denmark. They must race against time as the serial killers perform unspeakable deeds to their victims.


The Price of Silence

Documentary/True Crime
Discover how accusations of sexual assault against an influential club owner in Stockholm's cultural sphere at the height of #metoo caused repercussions far beyond the borders of Sweden.


Sort Of

Sabi Mehboob is gender-fluid millennial who straddles various identities, exposing the labels we once poured ourselves into as no longer applicable...to anyone.


The Box

Detective Sharon Pici experiences a supernatural nightmare after becoming obsessed with an investigation. Now she must battle her colleagues and the station's checkered past in a fight for her sanity.



Sports Documentary/Documentary
After a brutal crash that permanently damaged his knee, Olympian Aksel Lund Svindal refused to retire. Witness the highs and lows of his final seasons as one of the greatest ski racers of all time.



What would you do if you found a big bag with 30 million SEK in it? When Mahmod does exactly that, he knows what to do; get a new identity with the ambition to be seen as a real Swede, or as they say in the hood: a Suedi.


Thunder in My Heart

22-year-old Sigrid and her group of friends struggle as they come of age and strive to meet the unexpected demands of adult life, while coming to terms with their own identities, pasts, and passions.



For Pernille, it's always about taking care of everyone else. For the children it's about becoming independent individuals without becoming ruthless. Pernille will as usual, do her best to keep the gang together.



Wisting is facing one of his most difficult and dramatic cases. Maggie Griffin returns to assist Wisting and his team. Together they must confront the criminals who prey on the most vulnerable among us.


Delete Me

Best friends Marion and Marit are about to graduate high school together. But in a society where status is everything, they will discover that a seemingly small act of jealousy can go viral and change lives forever.


Face to Face

Susanne’s life is in ruins. As she desperately tries to keep a normal life and continue her work as a hypno-therapist, a man, John, enters her clinic. During the session he reveals himself to be a murderer.


The Truth Will Out

With the unit struggling and Peter coming to terms with his brother's suicide, the sudden death of a colleague who was a friend of Urban throws everything into doubt.

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