2020 Annual & Sustainability Report

2020 Annual & Sustainability Report

Telling stories
Touching lives
Expanding worlds

2020 in brief 

Net sales (SEK)

12  billion

EBIT before IAC (SEK)

1077  million

Number of employees


Nationalities in our team

45 +

Viaplay subscribers

3  million

Viaplay subscriber growth

+ 33 %

Viaplay Originals premiered


Growth in viewed minutes on Viaplay

+ 30 %

S&P Global Sustainability Assessment in peer group

Top  15 %

Nordic Business Diversity Index – Large Cap

1st out of  90

Sustainalytics ranking
in peer group

3rd out of  64

Morgan Stanley Capital International

AA rating

CEO’s statement

2020 was an extraordinary and challenging year in many ways, a year that will change many things forever, including how we work together, look after each other, society, and the environment. Our strategy, resilience, flexibility, and culture have all been put to the test, and it is great to see that NENT Group will emerge from this crisis stronger, more sustainable, better positioned and better prepared for the future. We have gone further by dramatically accelerating our transformation during 2020, and setting clear goals to become the European streaming champion and one of the most diverse and equal companies in the global entertainment industry.

Our strategy

Embracing change is in our DNA, which is more relevant than ever today as we are impacted by a global pandemic and see unprecedented changes in the way that people create and consume content. The key to success is to provide outstanding experiences for our employees, customers, partners and all stakeholders. We want to be a force for good and sustainability is an integrated driver of everything that we do.

Our story

NENT Group is first and foremost a video streaming story. Our early and substantial investments into streaming have firmly established Viaplay as one of the leading streaming services in the Nordics. We are now ready for the next chapter in our story as we aim to drive value in the Nordics through accelerated sales growth and gradual margin expansion, as well as to expand Viaplay internationally into ten new markets by the end of 2023. Our aim is to be the European streaming champion and we have high ambitions as we start this next chapter from a position of strength, with leadership positions in the key areas of content, technology and people.

NENT Group has a proven track record in the Nordics. We have transformed ourselves while continuing to deliver profitable growth. 70% of our sales now come from subscriptions, with Viaplay accounting for 30% of Group sales. The focus on these growing and recurring revenue streams has improved both our visibility and resilience, while reducing volatility, which allows us to take a more aggressive and long term approach when reinvesting profits back into the business in order to accelerate growth and value creation. This is a model that has worked well for us and is expected to continue to do so.

The performance of Viaplay in the Nordics, as well as the successful launch of Viaplay in Iceland in April 2020, demonstrate that we are ready for the next chapter in our story, which is to expand Viaplay outside the Nordic region. Streaming is the future, and we have the right infrastructure and skillsets to capture the unique opportunity we see in the years ahead. All of the success factors are in place and the ambition is clear – we are building the European Streaming Champion.

Our five-year targets

Group organic sales growth
CAGR 2020–2025
Nordic organic sales growth
CAGR 2020–2025
Viaplay subscribers
by end of 2025
~10.5 million
Nordic EBIT
margin* in 2025
International EBIT.
Accretive to Group in
Leverage policy of Net
Debt/EBITDA including leases
*Before associated company income and items affecting comparability

Our approach to sustainability

We are a value-driven company and we want to make a positive and sustainable impact on the societies in which we conduct business. We operate in a fast-changing industry that creates both challenges and opportunities for our business. We are committed to fundamental sustainability principles, such as UN Global Compact and Women’s Empowerment Principles that guide our work and help us future-proof our business.

We are Nordic by origin, and global in terms of our storytelling, partnerships and audiences. We develop Nordic storytelling by offering a broad and diverse portfolio of some of the best international content available. We also do it by working closely with local and international talents to produce critically acclaimed scripted drama, comedy series, documentaries, kids’ content and feature films. In 2020, our productions Partisan, Love me and Box 21 have all won best series awards at major national and international ceremonies.

It is important for us to reflect the societies within which we live and work so that our stories are engaging and relevant for as many people as possible. This is why we seek to portray a plurality of perspectives and cultures that appeal to a wide audience. We appointed a Head of Diversity and Inclusion in 2019, with the primary task of leading our efforts to make NENT Group the most equal, diverse and inclusive streaming company.

To be of great quality, our content must reflect our values and be considered safe and trusted by our audiences. We manage this by focusing on the needs of our audience and continuously improving the user experience. We always seek to comply with the applicable rules and regulations in each of our territories, and our ambition is to constantly eliminate barriers by making more diverse and more accessible content available through subtitling, audio description and signing.

We conduct business responsibly and with integrity and expect our suppliers and partners to do the same. Keeping information and data relating to our business, customers and all stakeholders safe is a top priority for us. We are also committed to protecting our environment by raising awareness, changing behaviour, and taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our business.

We are a people, technology and content company that depends on cutting edge innovation and creativity to put ideas into practice. We want the best people in the business to want to work with us, and to provide a culture where talent can perform and develop. Our culture is based on the One-NENT approach, our values, our focus on Diversity & Inclusion, our desire to learn and to lead.

Our people

Our values Bravery, Equality, Appreciation and Trust build the foundation of our business. That fosters an open, inclusive and engaging culture that aims to inspire employees, audiences, and creates long- term business value. We have made significant steps in 2020 to create an even more inclusive working environment and we will continue this important work, because we know it is a key factor to be able to become the European streaming champion.


Viaplay is growing fast

Viaplay’s paying subscriber base grew by 33% in 2020 to reach and exceed our target of 3 million. This represents a significant acceleration and reflects the growth in the business-to-business segment in particular, where we have formed strategic distribution partnerships with the major traditional linear subscription TV providers in each of our markets. Our direct-to-consumer base is also growing at healthy levels, and the mix of basic and premium subscribers has remained at constant levels.

33 %

Increase of subscribers in 2020

Viaplay Originals

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